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The Natural Dying: antique history, a dynamic present and a promising future

In a characteristic Milanese apartment, expert dyer Daniele and stylist Alessandra have created a workshop they call Arte e Natura, a place where they express their great passion for the antique and noble “Art of Natural Dyeing” using colours extracted from plant dyes. Their devotion to this craft, practiced by man since time immemorial and disappearing with the advent of chemical colorants, is kindled in them thanks to the appeal and beneficial effect that vegetable colours possess and to their interest in prehistoric naturalistic art. 

scarf   Arte e Natura, hand dyes and decorates veils of silk and other fabrics in natural fibers, creating room drapery, stoles, scarves, and unique designs. The dyeing process, developed over the years through historical research and practice, is completely non-toxic and eco-friendly. Colours obtained from leaves, roots and wood, result in fabrics and scarves teeming with vital energy and unique and unrepeatable nuances, as well as clothing that possesses therapeutic and organical features suitable for allergy sufferers and those who love to wear natural organic colours and fibers.


    Life is given to new creations to be worn and to artistic operas as well, inspired by nature’s cyclesbringingwith them vitality anddynamicity. Drapery, scarvesandone of a kind clothing in iridescentandunique tones with therapeutic and hypo-allergenic properties.

   Results achieved, through scientific research on their properties, have brought to light the importance of plant colorantswithin arational managementof natural resources. They constitute a renewable and eco-sustainable resource contrary to the derivatives of petroleum.


  Natural dying has an antique history, a dynamic present and a promising future.

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