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Myth behind the creation

The origin of the city of Naples is strictly connected to the famous myth of the Siren Parthenope that is intertwined with the history, legend and myth of Ulysses.

The Sirens were divine, but not immortal and, therefore failing their power to enchant against Ulysses, killed themselves rushing from the rocks.

The body of the siren Parthenope was carried by ocean currents among the rocks of Megaride (where today stands the Castel dell'Ovo). The people there found the goddess, with her eyes closed in the white face and her long hair swaying in the water and placed her in a magnificent tomb, gave her name to the fishing village and made her the protector of the place, revered and honored with sacrifices and torchlight processions to the sea.

 Cameo pays homage to Parthenope and therefore to the city of Naples through this elaborate and unique cameo watch.


 Cameo's creations are realized through excellent craftsmanship and achieve excellent quality. thanks to our attentive manufacturing process w in The precious dial in which we set the cameo is realized thanks to our attentive manufacturing process: we use the engraving in relief technique, typical of the master craftsmen of Torre del Greco.

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