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This stylish candelabra made one by one mouth blown and finished individually, joined harmoniously four diaphanous glass, The cups feature a container to support candles or flower. Bring on to your home a unique style and elegance, with the quality and the extraordinary Italian craftsmanship. 



Made in Italy - Venice- certificate of origin 

handcrafted - excellence  

Made to order 2 / 3 weeks 

Material: Venetian Glass

Dimension cm. 45x24x25h

Dimension In. 17.55x9.36x9.75h

The Story behind the art...  

Catherine Urban lives between Venice and Milan after spending most.of her life and career between Europe, Asia and South America she studied at the French Fashion Institute in Paris, and worked afterwards for the world’s leading luxury brands Chanel and Louis Vuitton for over 12 years Those precious years have granted Catherine a precious know-how linked to the culture of luxury, care and taste for details, an expectation of top quality, beauty, and perfect finishings. Inherent to Catherine’s ‘marque de Fabrique’, her brand is also the discovery of traditional and specific know-hows from the countries she lived in (especially Italy) and making these available to her customers.
She moved to Italy in 2000 and in 2003 Catherine created the WOOLIWEISS brand, a complete line of clothing for infants 0-6 years, with hand knit and machine-made products, in line with Catherine’s philosophy and appetite for beautiful luxury products, taking full advantage of Italy’s unique breadth in terms of culture, and manufacturing.
The line sold well over 25 very selected stores from Japan to the US.
CASARIALTO, a home accessories line started in 2008, as a consequence of global taste and vision.
The Casarialto home accessories are based on a concept of creating products that express high quality, uniqueness and have a useful purpose sourcing small industries to produce. The Veneto region is rich in craftsmanship.
Tradition mixed with innovation and Italian flexible approach to projects is an incredible asset to develop small and special productions.
Italy offers many other possibilities in other regions that will be soon explored and introduced to you.


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