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The collection of Ceramics "dal Pra', always interprets the refined purity of the ceramic furnishing, Handcrafted and fully made in Italy, this collection is elements that fit together, contemporary design with the classic taste that always characterized this as a versatile, precious, unique and fragile piece of art. Inspired from the marine coral "Dal Pra" created this amazing collection, an extraordinary collection with certain style. 



Handcrafted - excellence

Made in  Italy - Vicenza

Made to order for you in 2/3 weeks

Artistic Ceramic  

Measure (LxWxH)  cm. 16x16x42h- in. 6.3x6.3x16.53 + SHADE



The History behind the art...

This tradition of art and craftsmanship in ceramic manufacture goes back more than two centuries, Rita Dal Pra' start in the '800 with the masters Domenico Agostinelli and Giuseppe Dal Pra'. Today this heritage passed down from centuries, this secret, ability, capability, sketches, and molds handle down from the XVIII and XIX centuries, is what makes still vibrant and Unique the expression of this art, not only for the elegance and singularity but for the harmony transmitting in our space. A collection made of lamps, candlestick, vases, sculpture and mirrors, all intended to mark with discreet elegance of contemporary living space. 


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